Q. Do I have to come into your office to confirm my bookings?

A. This is not required as most of our correspondence will be through your registered email. We will send you all the necessary documentation such as booking confirmation, and flight tickets, etc. via email.

Q. How can I pay for my tickets and holidays?

A. You can make your payments online through our secure payment gateway. You can choose to make bank transfers or use credit cards to make your payments.

Q. How can I cancel my bookings?

A. Any cancellations and changes are at the sole discretion of the service providers. Generally they charge a small fee in case of cancellations, and the fee depends on the vendor. You will be made aware of cancellation fees during bookings.

Q. Why do I need an insurance cover?

A. Insurance covers protect you from unforeseen circumstances like injury, illness, and lost/stolen luggage etc. This will help cover contingency costs and will protect you from losses.

Q. What are the necessary documents I need to carry during international travel?

A. Your passport and the appropriate Visa(s) are the two most important documents you need to possess during international travel. Some countries require that travellers are vaccinated against specific diseases prior to travel.